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Videoaviation 1/32 USAF GBU-38 Review

The GBU-38 was first dropped on an enemy combatant in September of 2004 in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Known as a JDAM, or Joint Direct Attack Munition, the weapon consists of a Mk-82 500 lb bomb body fitted with a guidance kit and GPS receiver making it far more accurate than its unmodified iron predecessors.

Despite the GBU-38's success and widespread use by the US Air Force and US Navy since the early days of OIF and then in Operation Enduring Freedom, they have remained elusive to modelers in the large scale world of 1/32 until recently. Though they may come kitted in plastic with the purchase of a modern aircraft kit, there are only several manufacturers who are currently producing them in resin for the aftermarket. Surprisingly enough, this group does not include Eduard Model Accessories whose current inventory lacks the GBU-38 in any scale.

Enter Videoaviation. They have only been in the game for several years and while not as well established in the aftermarket y…