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F-5E/F Tiger II's Use of Precision Guided Weapons

A preliminary look at Kitty Hawk's upcoming F-5E/F in 1/32 scale Several weeks ago, Kitty Hawk announced their intentions to release a large scale Tiger after sharing several CAD images on their Facebook page. It usually isn't prudent to jump all over CAD images with criticism so early on because many things change through the course of a model's production timeline. It would be like saying your child looks nothing like you after catching a glimpse of the ultrasound. Never the less, the image gives us an idea of part placement, engineering and features like open panels and weapons that will be included. Since as you know I have a distinct fascination with aircraft weaponry, that will be the main point of interest here. So, let's explore the world of the F-5 Tiger II and see if we can't figure out what to expect from Kitty Hawk.

The Kit so far...

These are a few of the images released by Kitty Hawk that show the weaponry apparently included in the kit. The first th…