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The Best Movie Airstrike Scenes

Since this weekend turned out to be a wash as far as getting any modeling done, I decided to have a little fun with a blog post. As someone who appreciates ordnance delivered from fast moving aircraft I thought I would put a list together of the most compelling scenes Hollywood has been able to conjure up involving the placement of warheads on foreheads.
  While they may not be completely accurate - movies never are - the scenes in the list share a common quality of realism and, in some, attention to detail. But before I share the cinematic gems of aviation air support, let's look at a few that didn't make the list...

The Worst Tears of the Sun (2003)

  The movie was as good as you'd expect with Bruce Willis as the action hero. While it proved why Navy Seals are the coolest operators on the planet well before they got Bin Laden, it climaxed with an over the top pyrotechnic display delivered by two naval aviators who ultimately get no credit for saving the good guys' …

Sidewinder Overview Part IV: AIM-9J/N/P

BackgroundThe tumultuous years of the Vietnam War challenged the tactics and strategy of United States military air power. Air to air combat involving missiles was still fairly new and the fledgling technology was unreliable, so much so that the US Air Force was forced to concede that fighter aircraft did indeed require guns to defend themselves. Never the less, missiles were improved and developed at a rapid pace and the AIM-9 Sidewinder essentially grew up in the skies over south east Asia. The AIM-9B would be the first version to deploy to Vietnam, followed by the D, E, G, H and finally, the J. All but the AIM-9H would score at least one victory against North Vietnamese aircraft. The AIM-9J arrived in Vietnam in July of 1972 and would be responsible for several of the final aerial kills of the war, downing three MiG-21's in September and October of the same year.
  In service with the United States, the Juliet was only used by the Air Force. It was an improvement upon the AIM-…