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Revell 1/48 B-25J - Episode I

Okay, so the next project is under way but before I get into the gritty details of the work in progress, its time for a little background.
When I was a kid, as I assume most other modelers would agree, my father introduced me to this scale modeling hobby that I so love. What started out as a father/son bonding experience in those early years has turned into a life long passion. Though I've since grown older, moved out of the house, got married, spawned three children, and established myself as a somewhat successful human being, we still share a common bond through modeling.
Again, as most modelers would agree, we both went through a lengthy hiatus away from the hobby while we were more involved in careers and family. I had returned to scale modeling with a gusto once I reached college and it wasn't long before I convinced my dad to pick up the Xacto knife again. He agreed but only on the stipulation that I paint the models that he built. Not a hard bargain to agree to conside…

Memorial Day 2013

Just a small creation inspired by Memorial Day as a tribute to those who have fallen. Never forget...

Review - Academy 1/48 B-25G "Shark Mouth"

I am very pleased to announce the very first in-box review here on the Combat Workshop, and its a big one, at least for me. I tend not to work much with aircraft in 1/48 scale because I just don't have the room for them to be adequately displayed. But when Model Rectifier Corporation was offering this kit as a prize for an online contest I simply couldn't resist. As luck would have it, I won the contest and soon the "Shark Mouth" B-25 was sitting on my doorstep waiting for my very excited hands to start digging through it's contents.

A Brief History

As one of the most iconic bombers of the Second World War, there is not much that needs to be told here but I'll humor those looking for a little background. Manufactured by North American Aviation, the B-25 Mitchell was a twin-engined Medium bomber used extensively by the United States and her allies during World War II. It is the bomber that struck back at Japan in the famed Doolittle Raid in April 1942, and car…

Star Wars Special Forces - Finished!

After the last update there really wasn't much left to do. Tonight I finished off this fun project with several details. A couple of washes and a little dry brushes added some weathering to the operator's uniform and gave him a bit grittier appearance, or at the very least, a bit dirtier. The ground was touched up and dry brushed to really bring out the texture. After about an hours worth of work, it was finished and time to take pictures.

The gun got a repaint in flat black and was highlighted with some graphite to give it a metalic sheen...

Given the setting, I had to take the obligatory outdoors photo or two...

And finally, some indoor pics for the completed look...

I hope you all have enjoyed this at least a little. I think the commando has come a long way, looking more the part than he did when we first started. Though his cool factor doesn't surpass Boba Fett, he does appear to be worthy of being pulled out of obscurity and anonymity.
Thanks for following along!